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There are a few places in the world that reeks of culture, art, history and philosophy and if there was a scale based solely these factors, India would undoubtedly be topping the chart. The south Asian country is an epitome of beauty and the place which rakes in most number of tourists every year, as few polls have said over the years and that is not just about the beauty, the art and the philosophy runs through its veins and there is a reason why India has been called the World Guru several times. Taj Mahal Agra

The tours are usually long and costly as there is a lot to see in the country and any period of time cannot do justice to the feeling of having visited almost all the beautiful places in the country. Let’s start from the national capital New Delhi, located on the northern side of the country, right at the heart of it and has been a Mogul capital for many years and hence, every corner of the city has footprints of Mogul artistic heritage. From the beautiful lush gardens to the monuments which stand as proud as they were standing when they got built centuries ago. The lifeline of Delhi, Metro is also quite a wonderful experience to have. Having some of the most sophisticated restaurants on the whole world along with the very delicious street food, that’s somehow cheap and unhealthy for the most part, there are hell lot of things to watch in New Delhi and the tour of India in incomplete without having a trip to the national capital.

Hindu Temple Of Akshardham In Delhi India HD Desktop Background Moving a few kilometers away, the city is surrounded with a lot of things to watch, a lot of places, different culture. It becomes almost surreal the experience that the culture changes every few hundred kilometers and the diversification of the culture is one of the reasons for the love India is getting from the travel freaks around the world. There is Uttarakhand which is so full of the snowy hills and lush wide landscapes that it becomes impossible to keep eyes away from the place. On the opposite side from Delhi is Rajasthan whose culture is a great crowd puller and the cities and the massive forts in those cities are magnificent and so good reminders of the medieval period when the Rajputs ruled the land.

Golden Triangle Jal Mahal Jaipur

On the extreme north of the country is the Heaven on Earth, Jammu and Kashmir which is as beautiful a place on the whole planet can possibly be. Down south we have Kerala that deserves a very special mention among all the places in the entire country and the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and the Andaman island groups also offers some of the most watchable places present in the entire country.Jammu & Kashmir

In the eastern side of the country is the north eastern states, the seven sisters along with Kolkata while on the western side of the country has the reflection of the well developed cities and the state of Gujarat.

It’s called Incredible India for a reason.

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